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Monterrey, Mexico


WILE 2022 Program is available

Education  field has been one of the favorites to prove computational theories, methodologies and algorithms; we can see many programs to teach almost any subject matter. But, the real big challenge relies on providing personalized support to human learning in view of previous knowledge, affective states, learning styles, etc. A great variety of research has demonstrated that computers can be very helpful in supporting human learning using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, transforming information into knowledge, using it for tailoring many aspects of the educational process for  particular needs of each actor, and timely providing useful suggestions and recommendations.

The growing usage of computers in education offers an excellent opportunity for exploring new ways of applying AI techniques to education. It also delivers huge amounts of information in need of intelligent management, and poses big challenges to the field on topics such as some enlisted below.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together active researchers and students in the field of Intelligent Learning Environments (ILE) so that they can:
  • present and discuss innovative theoretical work and original applications,
  • exchange ideas,
  • establish collaboration links,
  • discuss important recent achievements, and
  • talk over the significance of results in the field to AI in general.
In particular, the workshop aims to provide a forum for young researchers to present their ongoing research.

WILE 2022 is held in collaboration with MICAI 2022 and the support of  RedICA (Red Tem├ítica en Inteligencia Computacional Aplicada del CONACYT )