WILE 2023 program

TUESDAY NOVEMBER 14th, 2023, Centro Cultural Olimpo Room 2

Link to the virtual session can be find in MICAI Web page

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10:00 Welcome and opening ceremony
10:10-10:50 Keynote Recognizing learning styles and affect in intelligent learning environments. Dr. Ramón Zatarain Cabada
10:50-11:20 DinoApp, an Augmented Reality Application for learning about dinosaurs Uriarte-Portillo, Aldo*; Sánchez-Zavala, Luis-Miguel; Zatarain-Cabada, Ramón; Barrón-Estrada, María Lucía ; Bátiz-Beltrán, Víctor Manuel
11:20-11:50 Method to identify emotions in immersive virtual learning environments using head and hands spatial behavioral information Velázquez-Cano, Jorge  E*; González-Serna, Gabriel; Rivera-Rivera, Leonor; Valenzuela Robles, Blanca Dina; López, Máximo; González, Nimrod; Reyes-Ortiz, José A.
11:50-12:20 Automated facial expression analysis for cognitive state prediction during an interaction with a digital interface Toribio, Maricarmen*; González-Serna, Gabriel; Magadán-Salazar, Andrea; González, Nimrod; López, Máximo
12:20-12:50 Can we take out CARLA from the Uncanny Valley? Analyzing avatar design of an educational conversational agent Santamaría-Bonfil, Guillermo*; Macias-Hurtado, Pablo Issac; Lecona-Valdespino, Carlos Natanael; Marmolejo-Ramos, Fernando
12: 50-13:20 A New Approach for Counting and Identification of Students Sentiments in Online Virtual Environments Using Convolutional Neural Networks Hernández-Aguilar, José Alberto*; Hernández, Yasmín; Rivera-Cruz, Lizmary; Bonilla-Robles, Juan Carlos
13:20-13:40 School Dropout Prediction with class balancing and hyperparameter configuration Cuevas-Chávez, P. Alejandra*; Narciso, Samuel I; Sánchez-Jiménez, Eduardo; Celerino-Pérez, Itzel G; Hernández, Yasmín; Ortiz-Hernández, Javier
13:40 Conclusions & Best Paper Award Announcement