WILE 2022 program

Virtual workshop, videoconference link will be published shortly

If a talk is cancelled, other talks will be moved up. To promote discussion and exchange of ideas, it is advisable to attend the workshop from the beginning.

16:00 Welcome and opening ceremony
16:10 An Overview of Gender Recognition Systems Using Acoustic Voice Analysis Enrique Diaz-Ocampo, Andrea Magadán-Salazar, Raúl Pinto-Elías, Máximo López
16:35 Conversational System Based on Socratic Dialectics in a Virtual Educational Environment Bárbara María Esther García-Morales, María Lucila Morales-Rodríguez, Nelson Rangel-Valdez
17:00 Da Capo a proposal for a BDI-based tutorial for teaching music Alberto Nieto Rocha, Wulfrano Arturo Luna Ramírez
17:25 Machine learning for intent classification in an educational chatbot Carlos N Lecona-Valdespino, José Aguilar-Ibarra, Guillermo Santamaría-Bonfil
17:50 Physiological and Behavioral Dataset Captured in a Learning Environment Yesenia N. González, Blanca Estela B Pedroza, Edmundo Bonilla, Federico Ramírez, Crispín Hernández
18:15 A dataset for automatic personality and professional interest recognition using video María Lucía Barrón-Estrada, Ramón Zatarain Cabada, Abel Robles, Héctor Manuel Cárdenas López, Arcelia Judith Bustillos-Martínez, Néstor Leyva López
18:40 Gathering integration and preprocessing of data in educational data mining: towards a study of self-efficacy in learning Mayra Jazmín Mendoza Bahena, Yasmín Hernández, Javier Ortiz, Alicia Martínez y Hugo Estrada
19:05 Conclusions & Best Paper Award Announcement